Dinner at the Manor

First off, no this was not the dinner, just the appetizer, no worries! Totally forgot to take pictures of the main course and desert, sorry (I will get better, I promise). One of my favorite things are dinner parties. I am very Swedish with that. I like to sit down with great company and eat for hours and hours and just talk and have a nice time. What is better than friends and good food? I need to find some people my age that share this love of food with me (and that live close), hehe. Easier said than done, for sure. Unfortunately when you are 21 most people prioritize alcohol and dancing out at bars and clubs and it is not my scene. Once in a while I love it! But majority of the time I like to rest and have cozy nights with quality time spent with the people I love. Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday. HUGS