Hi babes! Hope you all had a great Tuesday. I started my morning with a long power walk. I always tell myself I will the night before, but I am not a morning person and I can have someone kicking me out of the bed and I would still continue to snooze on the floor with my alarms annoying the neighbors. I do always feel better after moving around in the fresh air so I just need to try to remember that in the mornings when I am snuggled up in bed... It is so beautiful out right now that all the trees are blooming and turning green again! I got lucky with a clear blue sky on my walk. Listening to a fun podcast always helps me, a great tip! Traffic on the way down to Georgia State was miserable as all the roads downtown were blocked off due to the presidents arrival. After class I met up with my boyfriend and headed to Octane for lunch, coffee, and studying. After that I decided to walk to Condesa, another coffee shop, for some more coffee and studying. I have a big five hour gap between classes on Tuesdays, so coffee shop hopping worked out nicely since I had a lot of studying to do. Never hurts to treat yourself while you are focusing on school work! After my last class I headed to my boyfriends parents house for dinner, amazing as always. Post dinner I just studied more and now it is time for a podcast and bed. HUGS