Mexico Day Two

Here comes day two in Mexico! My apologies for the photo overload. We started the day with our first hotel breakfast. Above expectations once again. Delicious breads and baked goods, yogurt, cereal, amazing coffee, and fresh pressed green juice was on the menu. The environment was so nice, cannot get enough of straw roofs and palm-trees. After breakfast we headed to take the collective. It is a bus/minivan shuttle ride that you can take cheap. Both tourists and locals use it, so they go very often. Off to Tulum we were and once again WOW. I was expecting one or two buildings but the ruins were endless. So much to look at! We wandered around and took a bunch of pictures. There was a tiny beach there but it was very crowded and there was nothing to do but to take a quick swim so we skipped that and started walking instead.  After walking a good bit we got to a gorgeous beach in Tulum and sat down at one of those double beach chairs/beds. We were hungry and ordered food and drinks and spent most of our day swimming and enjoying the beach there. I napped of course. Mom woke me up again (shocker,  I think she is trying to get back at me from all my years of energy as a kid when I never let her sleep on the beach, or ever). We had a fairly good bit to walk to get back to the main road where we could grab a collective back (it was about a 50 minute ride from Tulum to Playa Del Carmen and vice versa). Back at the hotel we got ready and attempted to shower off all the sand. We headed out to do some shopping and walk around.  Around ten (people eat late here) we went back to the place we ate the first day. I had fish tacos again and mango margarita (still the best I ever had!!!!). After my dinner I ate three pancakes and vanilla ice cream,  guess if I was happy?! The waiters said see you tomorrow when we left, haha. Great second day in Mexico. HUGS