Mexico Day Three

Here comes day three! We started the day by having some down time (phone time) in the comfy sunbeds at the hotel after our breakfast. We walked along the beach at Playa Del Carmen until we found a place on the beach we liked. Then we had a typical beach day until lunch. We were both really hungry (the walking will do that to you). The place we had planned on going to took us forever to get to, and once we got there it was pretty empty. We decided to try a restaurant that had a bigger crowd. They had fantastic pizzas and salads. The pizzas tasted just like they do in Croatia (YUM). After lunch we headed back to the beach for a few more sun hours. It started raining for a few minutes but stopped fairly quickly thankfully. After making it back to the hotel and getting dressed we headed out for another stroll and some more food and shopping. Another great day in paradise.