Mexico Day Four

Day four in Mexico! This day we stayed in Playa Del Carmen. After breakfast we ordered fresh pressed juices at a place called La Senda. They were out of pretty much all their drinks and service was awful. For being number 5 out of 831 restaurants in Playa on TripAdvisor I must say we were extremely disappointed. The juices were only decent and we tried ordering three different things but they were just out of a lot of ingredients. We then left for the beach and ended up at Coralina (I think that is how it is spelled?) beach club for the day. Very nice view and decent food. Kinda outdated music and service was annoying but the view made up for it. They had comfortable chairs as well which was great. After the beach day we tried Babe's Noodles and Bar, it is located in Playa Del Carmen and has Swedish owners. Why there was a Swedish flag across the street I am not sure of. As far as the food at Babe's goes, the appetizer was amazing. We ordered a salmon something that tasted just like Swedish summer (YUM). The main dish we ordered was a huge disappointment. It was Pad Thai and it tasted too strong of vinegar and nothing else. The drink was okay, looked great in pictures though! It was so huge you had to hurry up and drink half of it so it would not melt and spill. Environment was great so overall a good place. Another amazing day (we didn't have a bad day throughout our trip!!!!). HUGS