Mexico Day Five

Post breakfast quick beach outfit picture.

We decided to head to Cozumel for the day. To get to Cozumel you need to take a ferry. There are several different companies and they all go often so you do not really need to plan what time you decide to head over.

Another photo of the view from the dock the ferry was departing from.


Once we got off the ferry we started walking. A lot of cruise ships stop at the port in Cozumel so there are a lot of statues to look at along the shore.


These "little" guys seemed to exist everywhere in Mexico. They are sneaky and hide.

The view as we were walking to our destination.

Okay, how pretty was this house?!

Mom kept stopping to take pictures of flowers everywhere, so naturally I had to show her I could take better ones ;)

We finally arrived at our location for the day after a lot of walking. We decided to enjoy a day at Hotel B Cozumel. Cozumel is known for their reef and snorkeling was on the schedule. A little different from the rest of our week which was fun. Although I have to say, when you are used to snorkeling in Croatia nothing really compares.


We were very hungry after our walk so we decided to have lunch before jumping in the water. I had fish tacos. I was very disappointed, but I guess that is what happens when you have the best fish tacos you have ever had in your entire life the days prior, nothing else just compared.

This infinity pool was amazing. It had chairs so you could "sit" in the water. So beautiful.


After a long day in Cozumel, we headed back to Cozumel downtown. There was nothing to see there so we headed to the ferry and headed back home to our hotel.