A huge thank you!

I wanted my first blog post to be a huge, warm, sincere thank you.

A few weeks back I met up with a photographer for coffee I connected with through Instagram. We chatted away for hours until I had to run to work. After my first coffee date with this girl I felt truly inspired and empowered. She was genuinely sweet. She shared her tips and tricks, which you don't see people do often. We had met up originally to talk about a potential shoot but ended up talking about anything and everything but that.

Yesterday we had a shoot planned and it was so fun. It was easy, light, and happy. Once again we got carried away and had a blast, at least I did ;)

Today we met up for coffee. She helped me with all the IT nerdy stuff that I am completely clueless about to get my blog up and running. I cannot say thank you enough for this.

What I want to have said with this post is WOW and THANK YOU. How refreshing it is to meet someone who inspires, motivates, and lifts you up. I often feel like women judge and get jealous of each other instead of empowering one another. What a refreshing feeling it is to feel excited rather than pushed down.

Once again, thank you Christina for all of your help, and for showing me that women can empower each other.