Ruff ruff morning

I usually do not mind Mondays but this one has been rough. Last night I made my class schedule so it was ready for registration at opening this morning. Everything was working fine prior to my registration time but when the clock hit nine I was unable to enter the system to sign up for next semesters classes. Eventually I was able to access it from my phone (?!). By that time is was too late because everything was filled already (when you get to higher level classes there is a very limited amount of times and dates to choose from). I have been emailing GSU all morning and they have been of NO help in any way, and I have tried to puzzle together a whole new schedule. I lost track of time and got ready in TEN minutes, must be a record time. I tried to change my annoyed mood into happy and positive by listened to good music as I was driving down to class. It worked well, until I hit insane traffic. Nothing more frustrating than standing still on a highway with no where to go. Two bad accidents so I was very late to class and I am never late. I am thankful I was not in the accident though and now it is time to turn this day around. Excuse the long rant but I had to vent and let some steam off in writing. HAPPY MONDAY HUGS