Mexico Day Six


On day six we were headed to Akumal. Beforegetting on the shuttle I decided to try this smoothie place. Talk about a hole in the wall. It was amazing. He just asked what fruits I wanted and started cutting them up! So fresh, and cheap...

I got this huge smoothie, it was delicious.

This is Akumal beach. It is known for its turtles. This beach was a typical tourist place and they tried to charge for everything and everything even though it is a public beach...


We were disappointed after the great things we had heard about it. We just took some pictures and walked on the beach a bit until we decided to go to Tulum.

We found this beach club in Tulum and stayed here for the day. One downside was that you had to pay for wifi. The food here was okay.

This view was amazing.

DSCF3400-1 copy.jpg

After a long day in the sun we made our way back to Playa Del Carmen.

This teeny tiny restaurant was right across from our hotel. Every day, no matter what time we passed it, the place was always crowded. So on our last night we decided to try it. They asked if we had reservations and we didn't, but we got very lucky. Everyone else that came after us without reservations got turned down.

The food was amazing. Cozy Italian restaurant with food that melted in your mouth. We asked the owner why we could not find this restaurant online or see any reviews. He told us they had been in business for five years, and did so well because of word of mouth. He wanted to stay off the internet because they are always at full capacity as is, and if people found it online they would not be able to have the same cozy feel, pretty neat.


Lets just say we slept very well after this meal.