First of February

Today I started my day with a workout. I went to Flywheel in Buckhead (I have only gone to the one at Avalon) for the first time and did not have the best first impression. I came when it was not busy at all, and there were three people behind the desk and no one said hi (?!). I still walked up to them and said hi and explained that I was new and didn't know where anything was and one of the girls said "I'll show you" and walked around quickly and with an attitude. She did not even show me how to use the lockers (?!). No welcome to our location or anything, just attitude. The studios themselves are super clean and nice.

I tried Barre today for the first time (have only done it once before at a different place) and boy was it hard. The instructor was such a sweetheart and made me feel so welcome! She was super hands on and just great. She was the opposite of the people at the front desk. The class was super hard but rewarding. Starting the day with a workout really is the best.

Between classes I ran up (aka took the elevator) to the roof of one of the parking decks here at school to take some photos of my new sweater. I had fifteen minutes to spare, talk about dedication ;)

All the skyscrapers still amaze me!

To be honest with you guys, my ponytail is extremely tight today and it is making my head hurt, haha!

Have you guys seen these shoes yet? They are Sperry's for JCrew, I love them! They are so comfortable.

The weather today was wonderful (in the 70s!!) so I was dressed a little too warm but at least I was in comfortable clothes. I never complain when I see the sunshine and when the winds are warm <3

How pretty are the sleeves on my new sweater?

Happy humpday babes!