This is how most of my days look, spent behind the computer but in different environments. I have been studying so much lately as I have two exams this week and had a quiz today and have one tomorrow, not fun. Today when I got to my first class there was a note on the door saying class cancelled which drove me crazy. I have never had a professor who doesn't email the students if a class has had to be cancelled. I thought that was extremely rude of him. Internet is not working at the school as it should be so I have been running around everywhere in between my classes trying to find internet (?!). Let's just say I would have rather stayed at home for an extra hour getting stuff done since class was cancelled instead of trying to find internet at this university. I need internet to study as I take notes in google docs and have ebooks mostly as they are typically $200 cheaper than hard copy books. My apologizes for a post that is very naggy and negative but today has been a bit of a struggle.