Monday mood and Atlanta update

Stormy Mondays are for messy buns and caffeine. And lots of studying.

In case you are not from Atlanta and know how terrible of a traffic problem we have here, let me tell you, it is bad. Many people (including me) who live in Atlanta have had a certain belief that traffic just possibly could not get any worse. On Thursday we got proven wrong. There was a major fire that led to the collapse of interstate 85 (?!). Yes, you read it right, collapse and interstate was in the same sentence. Everyone living in metro Atlanta are having to find alternate routs to work, school, etc. Lets just say driving the past couple of days have been a mess. LUCKILY, no one got harmed during the fire and collapse of i85. It looks like something you would only see in a movie... I have driven past it twice now and I struggle to comprehend how something like this can even happen with such massive infrastructure.