SACC Lucia Gala 2017

As many of you know, one of my all time favorite holidays is Lucia, and has been ever since I was little. I love the singing and the candle lit ceremony, it is so beautiful. The official day is December 13 every year, and I always watch the big performance in Sweden on svtplay (thank you internet and modern technology). This year, we (as in some Swedish ladies in Atlanta) performed three times: SWEA Christmas fair, Lucia performance in church, and SACC Lucia Gala. These ladies are all so sweet and talented and great. It is always fun hanging out with them every Monday for two months. I'll show more pictures from the gala later. It was a night filled with laughter, food, and dancing - perfect in other words. Thank you to SACC for having me and thank you Mia for always bringing the choir together and organizing + planning the programs. And thanks to Ingrid for playing the piano so beautifully. HUGS and CHEERS

My College Graduation!

WOW. Monday May 8th, 2017, is the best day of my life so far. Such an emotional, happy, exciting, and incredible day. I cannot believe that four years of hard work has finally come to an end. Four years, three colleges, two countries. I finally have a degree. I graduated with Magna Cum Laude. Best of all, was all the love and support from family and friends. I wish I could re-live this day forever. I am incredibly proud of myself and my accomplishment, but also so very thankful for my support system and my amazing mother. Nothing would have been made possible without her <3

I don't think I have ever had such a wide smile in every single picture from a whole day before.

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017 101.jpg

My beautiful, intelligent, wonderful mom <3

Love you so much mom!

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017 105.jpg

My pretty cap! I poured white glitter on paper after applying Elmer's glue with a paintbrush, then sprayed adhesive spray to attach the paper to the cap. The flowers I glued on with Elmer's glue as well.

Peace out GSU! Well in August haha!

The Dean giving a speech!

Nervous but ready to walk across the stage! I also spent my time in line taking selfies, why not?

Smiling and shaking hands!


Champs <3 These two had done such an incredible job throwing me a party, prepping the food, cooking and cleaning, and a million other things to make sure my day was amazing. So thankful!

Mama Miles <3

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017 124.jpg

Mom and T had decorated the dining room so nicely <3

These stunning flowers are from "Mina Favoriter i Sverige" aka my favorite people in Sweden, of course they would sign the card like that instead of just putting their names on it, haha. Such a nice surprise to get flowers delivered <3

I love decorating the table and make flower arrangements. So much fun.

Yet another beautiful bouquet from Sweden <3

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017-22.jpg

Of course we had Croatian, Swedish, and American flags!

Half of the appetizer spread (missing the salads and such in this picture).

Prepping prepping!

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017-186.jpg

Cuties <3

Hello beautiful people <3

I totally forgot to take pictures of the actual dinner which was my mom's delicious lasagna. No one can make lasagna like her, it will leave you speechless. But here is the desert spread, as if we did not eat enough already, hehe.

Hello beautiful people part two <3

A huge thanks to each and every one of you for being part of my big day. I love you guys!

And then the night came to an end. Beyond happy and at a loss for words. I am the luckiest <3

Throwback to my first day in school in the US

I look so nervous in this picture, which is just what I was. Mom embarrassed me by forcing me to pose for a picture (happy she did today).

Olivija Vranjes 465.JPG

I was very into fashion back in eight grade only to find out everyone in eight grade in middle school in Raleigh, NC wore flare jeans, tshirts, sneakers, and had book-bags. I was tall and blonde and dressed very fashionably in comparison to the rest of the entire school. With a heavy accent. Let us just say I definately stood out, haha. 

Personal phone snapshots from summer 2016

I wanted to share some more personal and "unfiltered" images with you. Most of these are from Tove's phone and some are from mine. The person behind all of the pictures is my favorite person Tove <3

Having the best drink I have ever had, hands down. We were at a restaurant in Malmo. It was drink with violet in it (YUM)!! Violet, licorice, and can polkadot (no english translation?!) are my all time favorite ice cream flavors and this drink tasted like my beloved violet ice cream.

On the ferry to Rab island, Croatia / Jamie Oliver's restaurant Barbecoa in London / Shopping with Tove in London / Eating my favorite soup at one of my favorite restaurant in Croatia

Summer Throwback from Tove's phone 2016 104.jpg

Tove is obviously someone I admire and adore, if you have not picked up on that already. She is a spinning instructor at Nordic Wellness so if you are ever in Malmo and want a great workout, make sure to schedule a class with her. Here we are sweaty and happy after her class.

Some snaps from London, when it finally stopped raining!

How can a place be this beautiful? Otok Rab friends!

I feel bad for everyone who does not have this girl in their lives. She is the best thing ever. Never a dull moment with her. I miss her like crazy but I am thankful for the technology we have today <3

Lucky to have spent all of my childhood summers here <3


The live image to this photo is hilarious, so much love for this one <3 / Happy as can be at my favorite place, Rab island

If you ever go to Croatia, go to Rab Island.

The island is small and is easy to navigate around yet it has an incredible lot to offer. There are cliff beaches, fine sand beaches, stone sand beaches, and regular sand beaches. It is still not crazy touristy so the restaurants there are amazing and authentic. Food tastes better than anywhere else, everything has so much flavor, most of it is home grown, and the fish are caught at night. The old town is cozy and fun to walk around in. The nature is beyond beautiful. It is also a very cheap place to go visit (a scoop of ice cream is no more than a dollar!!). There are plenty of day trips offered by boat from Rab. Rab island is only a 3.5 hour trip from Croatia's capital Zagreb (ferry ride and drive included in this time). Since Zagreb is a good place to fly in to (and then rent a car to drive to Rab), you can also explore the beautiful capital while visitng.

Huge thanks to Tove for putting up with me blogging and taking some pictures, and for being my best friend. She turned 23 March 2 and I did not do a happy birthday post for her, so thank you for being you bestie! Älskar dig massor <3

Also, big thanks for reading this post, I hope you all enjoyed. HUGS

Första Advent and Christmas Decorations

Here comes a post about my feelings about Christmas and some insight into how our house is decorated. Enjoy friends!

There are strings of light everywhere around the house to light it up. Some are outside in our backyard as well. I just love lights. It makes everything so cozy, don't you guys agree?


A fun fact for you guys, my mom has made almost all of our "tomtar". What are they called in English? Does anyone know? Google translate says gnomes but that doesn't sound right. Anyways, back to mom! She is amazing, our tomtar are so cute and so detailed. She handcrafted them so perfectly, and even sew the hats, that is the level of detail she put into making our tomtar.

Olivia Vranejs Christmas 3.jpg
Olivia Vranejs Christmas 8.jpg

Första advent is the first of advent. It is the first of the four Sundays before Christmas. So here you see how we count it down! One candle for the first advent, two candles for the second advent, and so on. 

More of moms craft, just look at how she braided that hair! We also have Christmas table runners on every surface allowing it, as well as Christmas kitchen towels etc. Pretty much every corner of our house is decorated in some way shape or form. I wish I could show you guys all the decorations but then this post would never end.

Of course my craft from my childhood is displayed throughout the house as well. Here you see a handmade Lucia with some clay mice that I made way back when.

I wish I could have captured the outside of the house better but it was tricky. We are lighting up the whole neighborhood.

I managed to find tomtar made in Sweden at Home Goods, how great? Guess if I was excited!

This Swedish guy on the right was also found at Home Goods.

It is safe to say I LOVE Christmas. Can you guys tell? Haha. I am very strict about not putting decorations up before the first of advent. Once it is first advent, or the day before, then I go all out. I am as much in a Christmas spirit as can be and I have been playing Christmas music nonstop since yesterday! I feel like if you keep it to one month, and go all out every year, it is something great to look forward to. But when stores and such start in October and November I feel like Christmas looses the cozy feel which is why I ignore it until December hits. I am also BEYOND EXCITED to be going home for Christmas this year and spending it in my hometown for the first time in nine years. How do you guys feel about Christmas?

A list borrowed from Dasha Girine

3 things I look forward to
→  Going home for Christmas to see my family
→ Graduating from college
→ Getting my nails done

3 things I like
My friends and family
→ My camera
→ The ocean

3 things I do not like
→ Bitter people / negative energy
→ Cooking
→ Bad drivers

3 things I want
→ Have a flexible and well paid job
→ An unlimited travel budget, and shopping budget, and just an unlimited amount of money
→ A new computer


3 things I should
→ Work on some corporate finance (blah)
→ Take more outfit pictures
→ Workout more

3 things I can
→ Talk, talk, and talk...
→ Take pictures aka selfies
→ Laugh loudly without a care in the world

3 things I cannot do
→ Dance graciously
→ Put on eyeliner
→ Lie

3 things that I talk about often
→ School
→ Food
→ Work

3 things I wish for
→ YSL purse (anyone?)
→ Cole Haan sneakers
→ A white Christmas

3 things that make me calm
→ My bed
→ Tove aka my best friend (<3)
→ An open fire

3 things that stress me out
→ Traffic
→ Fallen hair on clothing (especially on strangers because I cannot remove it!)
→ People chewing gum during tests, or in general for that matter

3 things I will do this weekend
→ Work
→ Eat
→ Study