Spring feelings

Shoes, Adidas / Pants, HM / Bag, Saint Laurent / Top, Shein - adlinks

It has been a while since I had an outfit post so here goes, the light was a little funky so sorry about that. This was my Sunday look. It was so nice to be off work on a Sunday and be able to have a relaxing morning, catch up on school, have lunch with Mike, do some more school work, clean and do laundry, and hangout with my mom. Productive and fun day. Now: class. HUGS

Adidas Neo

New white kicks, YAY! These are so comfortable and I love them. I tried the classic Stan Smiths but they were a lot wider than these and not as comfortable as these Neo ones due to the foam sole these have. Hoping they will stay white for more than a week ;) So long, HUGS.

Rose gold everyday essentials

I got the beautiful love tags for my birthday and treated myself with the watch and bracelet! I have been wanting new every day jewelry in rose gold for quite some time now but it is not the easiest to find. I will show better pictures of it on later. Time to edit pictures and get back to this blogging thing! So long, HUGS.

I'm Back!

How pretty is my new lipstick from YSL?

Hello there everyone! I am officially back in the states! I have access to fast internet again so now you can expect a blog post per day as usual. I have SO MUCH to show you guys! I do not even know where to begin. I have had the most incredible summer traveling. I ended up staring my journey in Sweden followed by Spain, England, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, and ending it in Sweden. More details and pictures to come, so stay tuned. HUGS.

Blue and blommigt

I have been drooling over this shirt at Banana ever since they got this print in. I finally got it last weekend!

Wore my new blue shoes for the first time! My bestie told me to wear them with my new shirt, good thing facetime exists and that she still can help me get dressed ;)


I need new white pants without holes, if anyone knows where to find this, please let me know!

My birdie necklace I got for graduation from a friend.

Hi babes, hope everyone is having a good day so far. I have received two of my five final grades so far. One A and one A-, not too bad so I'll take it. I have been studying all morning and will continue to do so until I have to leave to take my Business Analysis final (Yay...). I got my nails done the other day and I could not be more happy with my decision. Studying is way easier when you have pretty nails and do not have to be annoyed every time you see your hands, haha. I know it may sound silly but it really helps me. HUGS