Hey pretty people! My apologies for my silence. I cannot promise I will be back on a regular daily basis, but I am back, and will try to post regularly.

What has happened since I last posted? I went from being a student to a college graduate, officially moved in with my now fiance (!!), went on vacation, got engaged, and started working full time. In other words, life has been all over the place with many big changes. I have needed time to enjoy life and process everything going on at the moment.

Cozy 2017 Olivia Vranjes 101.jpg

Tomorrow I fly to Sweden to spend Christmas with family and friends. I work until 2-3ish until I leave for the airport. Sadly my fiance cannot come due to work, but I am excited to see my loved ones over there.

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How are you all doing?


Palm trees

I am so in love with this swimsuit. It is so cute and the details are so great. One pieces are comfortable and cute, but not so good for tan lines, hehe.

Last night I drove up to Asheville, NC to go visit one of my favorites! This place is great. We were supposed to go to the beach (had this planned for months) but the weather was not on our side. But who is complaining? I get to spend time exploring Asheville with Grace. Life is good. HUGS

My College Graduation!

WOW. Monday May 8th, 2017, is the best day of my life so far. Such an emotional, happy, exciting, and incredible day. I cannot believe that four years of hard work has finally come to an end. Four years, three colleges, two countries. I finally have a degree. I graduated with Magna Cum Laude. Best of all, was all the love and support from family and friends. I wish I could re-live this day forever. I am incredibly proud of myself and my accomplishment, but also so very thankful for my support system and my amazing mother. Nothing would have been made possible without her <3

I don't think I have ever had such a wide smile in every single picture from a whole day before.

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017 101.jpg

My beautiful, intelligent, wonderful mom <3

Love you so much mom!

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017 105.jpg

My pretty cap! I poured white glitter on paper after applying Elmer's glue with a paintbrush, then sprayed adhesive spray to attach the paper to the cap. The flowers I glued on with Elmer's glue as well.

Peace out GSU! Well in August haha!

The Dean giving a speech!

Nervous but ready to walk across the stage! I also spent my time in line taking selfies, why not?

Smiling and shaking hands!


Champs <3 These two had done such an incredible job throwing me a party, prepping the food, cooking and cleaning, and a million other things to make sure my day was amazing. So thankful!

Mama Miles <3

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017 124.jpg

Mom and T had decorated the dining room so nicely <3

These stunning flowers are from "Mina Favoriter i Sverige" aka my favorite people in Sweden, of course they would sign the card like that instead of just putting their names on it, haha. Such a nice surprise to get flowers delivered <3

I love decorating the table and make flower arrangements. So much fun.

Yet another beautiful bouquet from Sweden <3

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017-22.jpg

Of course we had Croatian, Swedish, and American flags!

Half of the appetizer spread (missing the salads and such in this picture).

Prepping prepping!

Olivia Vranjes GSU Graduation 2017-186.jpg

Cuties <3

Hello beautiful people <3

I totally forgot to take pictures of the actual dinner which was my mom's delicious lasagna. No one can make lasagna like her, it will leave you speechless. But here is the desert spread, as if we did not eat enough already, hehe.

Hello beautiful people part two <3

A huge thanks to each and every one of you for being part of my big day. I love you guys!

And then the night came to an end. Beyond happy and at a loss for words. I am the luckiest <3


Hi friends. I slept terrible last night but at least I woke up decent, without having to rush in the morning (YAY)! I worked from 11-8 so my feet are very swollen but it has been a rainy and calm day. After work, Taun was sweet enough to run with me to a couple of stores to look for graduation dresses. No luck, but I found sandals and candles... Cannot believe I walk on Monday (!!!!!!!). I got my grades back yesterday, 3 A's, 2 A-'s, 6 classes, 18 hours! I am incredibly proud, especially since my A-'s were in my Music Appreciation Class and Sociology class (totally irrelevant to my major) and my A's were in my tough major classes such as Marketing Research. I started decorating my cap, but more on that later. HUGS

Throwback to my first day in school in the US

I look so nervous in this picture, which is just what I was. Mom embarrassed me by forcing me to pose for a picture (happy she did today).

Olivija Vranjes 465.JPG

I was very into fashion back in eight grade only to find out everyone in eight grade in middle school in Raleigh, NC wore flare jeans, tshirts, sneakers, and had book-bags. I was tall and blonde and dressed very fashionably in comparison to the rest of the entire school. With a heavy accent. Let us just say I definately stood out, haha. 


This is how most of my days look, spent behind the computer but in different environments. I have been studying so much lately as I have two exams this week and had a quiz today and have one tomorrow, not fun. Today when I got to my first class there was a note on the door saying class cancelled which drove me crazy. I have never had a professor who doesn't email the students if a class has had to be cancelled. I thought that was extremely rude of him. Internet is not working at the school as it should be so I have been running around everywhere in between my classes trying to find internet (?!). Let's just say I would have rather stayed at home for an extra hour getting stuff done since class was cancelled instead of trying to find internet at this university. I need internet to study as I take notes in google docs and have ebooks mostly as they are typically $200 cheaper than hard copy books. My apologizes for a post that is very naggy and negative but today has been a bit of a struggle.