And so the adventure begins...

...officially left Atlanta for Malmö. Feels unreal? I keep thinking I’m just going to be here for the holidays. 

Started my Monday with errands + Chick Fil A breakfast (priorities am I right 😏). Got to enjoy beautiful 16 degree celsius weather and clear blue skies for a couple of hours with this handsome fella before I left.


Lori came over for a final “see you later” hug too! Plenty of selfies were taken.


Mike always refuses to be in pictures but when two moms are around he gets forced to deal with it 👏🏻


Off to the airport we went  🥳


Love this city so so so much. However, I will not miss rush hour traffic 24/7 😅 


What’s the airport without mirror bathroom selfies? 


Had to eat an American meal before takeoff 🙈 


Forgot/left some things at the airport (was rearranging things in my bag and took some stuff out meanwhile, and accidentally left it). This is very unusual for me, as the last time I lost something at the airport was when I was about 9 or 10 flying back from France and left my new coloring pens in the seat in front of me. Luckily, it wasn’t my passport or wallet this time either so I’ll take it as a win.


Touchdown Chicago 🛬 


In Chicago, I had to re-check in & get through security one more time. 


That’s where I met this lady! Her daughter was dropping her off and she had never flewn alone before. Truly believe it was the universe telling me something. She is an incredible artist, what are the odds? Check her work out here!


On my long flight, I got upgraded to economy plus. What a blessing. Thanks times a million to SAS!! Extra legroom, wider seats, thicker blankets, bigger screens, goodie bag, real silverware, etc. No complaints over here! 


Pro tip I learned from mom: put your freezing butter on the hot meal for a little and it’ll be perfect ☺️ 


What a view, WOW. 


Went straight from the airport to Baka and Branko’s boulle end of year party. Brought down the average age pretty good 😅 We sang, ate, and played games 🎄 Had time for some errands after before getting some rest. Great start to this new adventure.  


SACC Lucia Gala 2017

As many of you know, one of my all time favorite holidays is Lucia, and has been ever since I was little. I love the singing and the candle lit ceremony, it is so beautiful. The official day is December 13 every year, and I always watch the big performance in Sweden on svtplay (thank you internet and modern technology). This year, we (as in some Swedish ladies in Atlanta) performed three times: SWEA Christmas fair, Lucia performance in church, and SACC Lucia Gala. These ladies are all so sweet and talented and great. It is always fun hanging out with them every Monday for two months. I'll show more pictures from the gala later. It was a night filled with laughter, food, and dancing - perfect in other words. Thank you to SACC for having me and thank you Mia for always bringing the choir together and organizing + planning the programs. And thanks to Ingrid for playing the piano so beautifully. HUGS and CHEERS

Christmas in Ljunghusen, Sweden

Merry Christmas! Above are snaps from the 23rd and 24th. We put together two puzzles, walked to & on the beach, watched Kalle Anka + a movie, and most importantly spent quality time with each other and ate a lot. Cozy as can be <3

Miracle pop up bar


I absolutely love Christmas, and this bar was a true tacky Christmas miracle. Everything was wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and the entire place was covered in lights. It has been a crazy long line every day since they opened (I pass it on a dialy basis) but it was worth the wait. HUGS

Status update from Chicago O’Hare


Checking in from Chicago live at the moment. We made it safely here from Atlanta. Soon we board our plane to Copenhagen aka I’ll be in Malmö, Sweden in no time. Beyond excited to hug everyone. The past month has been somewhat crazy and hectic so I haven’t spent much time with mom and T but they are stuck with me now so I can finally talk their ears off ;) HUGS and CHEERS

Two more weeks

How adorable is Ansley's handsome unicorn floaty?

Hi friends. I decided to enjoy my weekend after an awful week of working and studying (aka not even getting to celebrate 4th of July due to the pile of school work and case studies that needed attention). Besides work this weekend, I went to iFly, attended Liz bridal shower, and got to see Metallica perform live. In other words, a great weekend. Yesterday I had a productive start of the new week. I went to a barre class at Define Atlanta (one of my new favorite studios) in the morning, had classes all day, ate a poke bowl for lunch, and went to Flywheel after my classes. I got a new personal best at Flywheel, I hit 300! Anyhow, now I have to get back to my case study. Two more weeks until I will be back to normal here on the blog. HUGS

Seven Lamps Atlanta

Seven Lamps Atlanta 2017-16.jpg
Seven Lamps Atlanta 2017-10.jpg

How divine does this meal look? YUM. My mouth is watering thinking about how delicious it was. They update their menus daily at Seven Lamps, so it is always fresh and fun ingredients that are in season. I highly recommend this resturant, I know I will be back soon! HUGS