And so the adventure begins...

...officially left Atlanta for Malmö. Feels unreal? I keep thinking I’m just going to be here for the holidays. 

Started my Monday with errands + Chick Fil A breakfast (priorities am I right 😏). Got to enjoy beautiful 16 degree celsius weather and clear blue skies for a couple of hours with this handsome fella before I left.


Lori came over for a final “see you later” hug too! Plenty of selfies were taken.


Mike always refuses to be in pictures but when two moms are around he gets forced to deal with it 👏🏻


Off to the airport we went  🥳


Love this city so so so much. However, I will not miss rush hour traffic 24/7 😅 


What’s the airport without mirror bathroom selfies? 


Had to eat an American meal before takeoff 🙈 


Forgot/left some things at the airport (was rearranging things in my bag and took some stuff out meanwhile, and accidentally left it). This is very unusual for me, as the last time I lost something at the airport was when I was about 9 or 10 flying back from France and left my new coloring pens in the seat in front of me. Luckily, it wasn’t my passport or wallet this time either so I’ll take it as a win.


Touchdown Chicago 🛬 


In Chicago, I had to re-check in & get through security one more time. 


That’s where I met this lady! Her daughter was dropping her off and she had never flewn alone before. Truly believe it was the universe telling me something. She is an incredible artist, what are the odds? Check her work out here!


On my long flight, I got upgraded to economy plus. What a blessing. Thanks times a million to SAS!! Extra legroom, wider seats, thicker blankets, bigger screens, goodie bag, real silverware, etc. No complaints over here! 


Pro tip I learned from mom: put your freezing butter on the hot meal for a little and it’ll be perfect ☺️ 


What a view, WOW. 


Went straight from the airport to Baka and Branko’s boulle end of year party. Brought down the average age pretty good 😅 We sang, ate, and played games 🎄 Had time for some errands after before getting some rest. Great start to this new adventure.  


Hey pretty people! My apologies for my silence. I cannot promise I will be back on a regular daily basis, but I am back, and will try to post regularly.

What has happened since I last posted? I went from being a student to a college graduate, officially moved in with my now fiance (!!), went on vacation, got engaged, and started working full time. In other words, life has been all over the place with many big changes. I have needed time to enjoy life and process everything going on at the moment.

Cozy 2017 Olivia Vranjes 101.jpg

Tomorrow I fly to Sweden to spend Christmas with family and friends. I work until 2-3ish until I leave for the airport. Sadly my fiance cannot come due to work, but I am excited to see my loved ones over there.

Cozy 2017 Olivia Vranjes 105.jpg

How are you all doing?


First day as a college graduate

Outfit from Metallica Concert

No words can describe how H A P P Y I am today. I woke up today as a college graduate. No work, no school. After all these years of school I am finally done for at least a few years. I celebrated my accomplishment and freedom by meeting Liz and Char Char for coffee, followed by a sweaty workout at Stellar Bodies. I went to the pool and relaxed. I watched Gossip Girl and took my time getting ready. I put makeup on and actual clothes instead of workout clothes (yes I've been living makeup-less in workout clothes for the past two months). I went shopping with Liz and Char Char and now I am waiting for my love to come home so we can go out for dinner. Today is such an incredible day. I am so H A P P Y. Let the month of fun and festivities begin. CHEERS AND HUGS

Yellow flowers

My mom is coming home tomorrow and I could not be more excited. I am spoiled with an amazing cook for a mother, so the past few weeks have been rough without her, haha. It looks like their trip was amazing though from all of the Facebook pictures I have seen so cannot wait to hug her and catch up <3

2 July 2017

How magical is this light? So dreamy. I'm also obsessed with my new jumpsuit. I feel like I am wearing pajamas. Jumpsuits are really starting to grow on me. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. HUGS


This is one of my favorite go to outfits this summer. If I am in a rush or have no inspiration, this is the perfect outfit. So simple yet pretty and elegant. Today I take my overall exit exam for the Robinson College of Business. Getting so close to graduating now! YAY

Pink fluff

Hi guys! How is everyone's week going? I am a little overwhelmed but I am doing good. My last nine credit hours (three classes) are in full motion. It feels a little strange having to be back in class after already walking. It will be two intense months, but come August, Maine, Sweden, and Croatia are on the schedule and I am beyond excited. HUGS


Photography: Morgan Hayes Photography

Shoes, Adidas / Jeans, GAP / Bag, Saint Laurent / Shirt, Shein

Stripes have been a long time favorite of mine. This shirt is actually grey and white not blue like it comes off in the photos. So comfy and easy to trow on! On another note, how are you guys liking the new design? I tried to make it more user friendly and cleaner. Any feedback is much appreciated. HUGS

Happy and inspired

Today has been such an amazing day, just like my entire week has. My heart is so full after my trip to Asheville. Grace is one of my favorite people. It is so nice and energizing to be around incredible passionate and inspirational people. Happy and lucky to have her in my life. Nine years of friendship now (my first American best friend <3).

Palm trees

I am so in love with this swimsuit. It is so cute and the details are so great. One pieces are comfortable and cute, but not so good for tan lines, hehe.

Last night I drove up to Asheville, NC to go visit one of my favorites! This place is great. We were supposed to go to the beach (had this planned for months) but the weather was not on our side. But who is complaining? I get to spend time exploring Asheville with Grace. Life is good. HUGS