Baka’s birthday celebration - Mando & Malmö Opera

Beautiful Malmö 🎄 


We saw SO many people sitting outside eating (in 32 degree F weather!!). Looks a little empty here but it was still very early. Had to get proof with gorgeous mom as a cover 🙈 


Three generations ❤️ 


Mando in Malmo 😍 Highly recommend 🍸 


We were celebrating Baka’s birthday 🥳❤️🥰 


I mean?! Delicious. Simply delicious 😋  


The fam bam 🎉 


After our delicious dinner it was time for Malmö Opera. We saw La Traviata. WOW. What a performance. Photos were not allowed, but I was highly impressed. Will definitely try to go more frequently! 


When we’re all together lots of pictures is a must 🥰 


Love these beautiful, intelligent, stubborn, strong, and loving women more than anything ❤️


Mother's Day Dinner at South Main Kitchen

I love this restaurant and mom has never eaten here, so what better than to take her for mother's day? It is a rustic yet modern cute place with delicious food. I love their scallops but unfortunately they were out, but the burger I ordered instead did not disappoint. And how beautiful is my mom? She is so stunning <3

Easter Sunday

Here comes a bunch of photographs from Easter Sunday. I spent the first half of it with Mike's big family and the second half with mine. Such a nice day!

He does not smile in pictures unless my mom forces him to or he looks at Charlotte...

Memaw and Pop with their great grand children <3

Charlotte playing with her Easter eggs and of course Mike smiles <3

Got him to laugh = success

Charlotte's First Easter 2017-28.jpg
Easter Dinner Olivia Vranjes 2017-5.jpg

Mom is so beautiful, and how festive was her outfit?


Easter Dinner Olivia Vranjes 2017-19.jpg

Reppin Birkenstock's

Moms cute tree, with my old handmade decorations from childhood.

This beautiful weather <3

Yebo Beach Haus

Yesterday I finally got to catch up with Nikole (YAY)! We went to Yebo Beach Haus. It was both our first time there (popped up on my Facebook so thank you Facebook!). Such a cute South African inspired restaurant in the heart of Buckhead. The outdoor porch was adorable and cozy and the interior of this place was incredible. The food was nothing short of delicious and the menu was very fun! I also want to thank Atlanta for this beautiful weather, allowing us to sit outside and enjoy the evening without being too cold or too hot. Perfect Tuesday night. HUGS

Rumi's Kitchen and bridesmaids dress shopping

What a great day we have had! After classes I met up with Lori and Liz and little Charlotte to try on bridesmaids dresses! The perk of being the only bridesmaid in Atlanta is that I got to try everything on! So fun. We found a really beautiful one that Liz and all the bridesmaids love. So exciting!! I am so happy that Liz has excellent taste so we will be in pretty dresses. Afterwards we headed to Rumi's Kitchen for dinner. It is delicious Persian cuisine. Charlotte is too adorable, she was so good the whole dinner. She even got compliments from the table next to us because she is such a sweet and calm little princess <3