Emmas Student 2016

Here comes what is so far probably the longest post. Emma's graduation <3. For my Americans, here is an insight of what Swedish high school graduation looks like. Beyond proud of you Emma <3

How pretty is this girl?? We took these pictures before she headed out for champagne breakfast with her classmates. In Sweden you wear white for your high-school graduation along with these hats. Of course you also have a whistle so you can be heard!

Here we all waited for Emma to run out of school, or get "kicked out". There was a stage were each class danced to a song and jumped up and down after running out of the school, and before running to see their loved ones.

Emma is in the middle waving at us still in school <3

How cute was her sign?! These you have so the graduates can find their families in the sea of people!

Time for hugs and tears! Everyone also hangs things around the graduates neck such as flowers, water, champagne, stuffed animals, etc.

Just look at how happy she is! We all cried an awful lot, hehe.

Tove and Emma, and Emma and Alex <3

Proud parents and sister <3

I am crying again just looking through these, it has not been easy to put this post together.

Emma was named the class teachers pet. Haha <3 We are all so proud because she graduated with such high grades and have worked so hard <3

Then off they go on the party bus!

Everyone is waving the graduates goodbye.

People always spray a lot of champagne which you kinda see in these pictures. Look at how happy she is, how can you not smile when you see these pictures?!

While Emma was on the party bus we took some pictures. Here is my best friend Tove. My favorite person ever <3

<3 <3 <3


We all went outside to wait for Emma's arrival.

Hi pretty lady!

Christer's speech <3

Emma made these... There were nine in total!!

What an incredible day. I just took some pictures while everyone was rolling in but totally forgot to go for round two. We ended up dancing all night long and just had such an amazing time. So proud of Emma <3 Incredibly intelligent and beautiful, hard combo to find <3