A beautiful and delicious dinner

What a dinner, wow. Everything was beyond delicious and the presentation of the food was beautiful. Cannot say I have done much else but eat ever since I landed in Sweden, but I am not complaining when the food I am being fed is this good! HUGS

Första Advent and Christmas Decorations

Here comes a post about my feelings about Christmas and some insight into how our house is decorated. Enjoy friends!

There are strings of light everywhere around the house to light it up. Some are outside in our backyard as well. I just love lights. It makes everything so cozy, don't you guys agree?


A fun fact for you guys, my mom has made almost all of our "tomtar". What are they called in English? Does anyone know? Google translate says gnomes but that doesn't sound right. Anyways, back to mom! She is amazing, our tomtar are so cute and so detailed. She handcrafted them so perfectly, and even sew the hats, that is the level of detail she put into making our tomtar.

Olivia Vranejs Christmas 3.jpg
Olivia Vranejs Christmas 8.jpg

Första advent is the first of advent. It is the first of the four Sundays before Christmas. So here you see how we count it down! One candle for the first advent, two candles for the second advent, and so on. 

More of moms craft, just look at how she braided that hair! We also have Christmas table runners on every surface allowing it, as well as Christmas kitchen towels etc. Pretty much every corner of our house is decorated in some way shape or form. I wish I could show you guys all the decorations but then this post would never end.

Of course my craft from my childhood is displayed throughout the house as well. Here you see a handmade Lucia with some clay mice that I made way back when.

I wish I could have captured the outside of the house better but it was tricky. We are lighting up the whole neighborhood.

I managed to find tomtar made in Sweden at Home Goods, how great? Guess if I was excited!

This Swedish guy on the right was also found at Home Goods.

It is safe to say I LOVE Christmas. Can you guys tell? Haha. I am very strict about not putting decorations up before the first of advent. Once it is first advent, or the day before, then I go all out. I am as much in a Christmas spirit as can be and I have been playing Christmas music nonstop since yesterday! I feel like if you keep it to one month, and go all out every year, it is something great to look forward to. But when stores and such start in October and November I feel like Christmas looses the cozy feel which is why I ignore it until December hits. I am also BEYOND EXCITED to be going home for Christmas this year and spending it in my hometown for the first time in nine years. How do you guys feel about Christmas?