Blush tones with a hint of black

Photographer: Morgan Hayes Photography

Skirt and top, Zara / Necklace (similar here), J Crew / Shoes, Target / Bag, YSL - adlinks

I absolutely love blush tones as many of you might know. I am also in love with my black Saint Laurent so I try to toss black tones in with everything so I can wear it as much as possible even now during warmer days and lighter colors. How is everyone's week going?

Blah weather

Rainy weather is just so crappy unless I can stay in bed and do nothing, and that never happens. Cannot say that my mood has been the best this week. Trying to keep my head above water though. HUGS

Status update and snapshots from today

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? I am back in Atlanta alive and well. Jet-lag has been working to my advantage as I have been going to bed early and waking up at a reasonable hour (if I get ten hours to sleep I gladly use them, hehe). 

I started school again Monday. So far I am really liking my professors and classes. They are very passionate and most of them have been in the work force and not just always taught. I am happy that I am liking classes so far but wish all of college had been filled with interesting classes rather than pointless ones that were a waste of both time and money. Oh well, nothing to do about that. Glad I actually get to enjoy a semester!

Got my nails done, goodbye tacky Christmas red (although my toes are still red, woups). This lilac color was supposed to have been more grey but I still like it. I get SNS done on top of my own nails!

I have also managed to workout since I got back which I am thrilled about. Today I made a super healthy soup, which is what I am currently eating, with zucchini, broccoli, water, onion, milk, salt, pepper, and bouillon cubes. It tastes delicious so thank you Emma <3  

I wore my leather jacket today with a scarf and it was way too hot. Atlanta weather is so confusing but I do not mind the rising temperatures one bit! All of these photos are taken with my phone, hope you guys enjoy a little different kind of post. Happy humpday babes, HUGS.

Lack of creativity

First things first, let me update you guys on my workout progress. I have worked out three days in a row now (wihooooo!!). Tuesday I went to Flywheel for a cycle class as you guys know. Wednesday after a long day, I was debating whether to work out or not. I finally kicked myself in the butt, and put my workout clothes on. I used NTC which is Nike's own workout app. It is free and awesome. After my first workout I was soaked in sweat, and tired, but guess what? I did another workout that was double the length! Today I went to yet another Flywheel class. Three days in a row might not seem like a lot but it is a big first step for me, so I am very proud of myself.

Today after studying and writing essays I decided to take a break so I could finally take some pictures and update you guys. I do not know what is going on but my creativity is all gone. I do not know what to take pictures of, how to take them, or what to blog about. I am not sure why my creativity is so low at the moment. Maybe because next week is finals week and I have been swimming in schoolwork and studying? Who knows, but hopefully I will get my creativity back soon.

DSCF0012-1 copy.jpg

What do you guys like to see? Read about? Is there any specific type of posts you guys prefer? Any feedback would be appreciated. Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions. It would make me so happy!

Time to get back to all of my school work. I want to make sure I do well on my finals and finish writing my last chunk of essays.

Graduating in less than a year

Shirt Ann Taylor / Necklace Ester Elanora / Pants Banana Republic -adlinks

Hi friends, is everyone having a good week? I hope so. Today I am sharing these beautiful photos Kerry took. She did an amazing job so check her out. I got great news yesterday! I will be graduating Summer 2017 instead of Fall 2017. I am SO happy! I am also very nervous. Graduating a whole semester earlier than I thought means I have to hurry up and find a job. I am anxious and excited to find out what the future holds. HUGS

Kickin' it casual

Nike shoes here (adlink) / Banana Republic necklace / Gap Jeans/ Gap tank / Mango cardigan

Hello friends, how is everyone doing? Here is a casual and comfy outfit for you. I have been living in these sneakers since Mike got them for me. I used to be obsessed with shoes and now I seem to care about comfort. But I do think white crisp sneakers are great for most outfits, although Michael got them so I would workout in them, woups. They feel like wearing socks!! No annoying shoe tongue. Also, what is your take on white after labor day?