Winter wonderland + Stockholm

When I opened IG this morning all I saw was snow stories. Once I realized everyone who was posting was in Malmo, I flew out of bed and pulled the curtains away. Winter wonderland had arrived! Just like that, a day before Christmas ❄️ 


Prepared myself for the cold and snow ☃️ 


How beautiful? The sun even peeked through a little!! First sign of it since I’ve arrived in Sweden 🌥


Baka ❤️ 


Off to the train station we went  🚉 


Hello Stockholm 🥰


Baka and Branko in their room. Thank you to Amaranten for upgrading the rest of us 🙏🏻 Such a sweet Christmas gift 🎁 Bathroom floors are heated so I am happy as can be ☺️ 


Let the Christmas festivities begin 🥳 


SACC Lucia Gala 2017

As many of you know, one of my all time favorite holidays is Lucia, and has been ever since I was little. I love the singing and the candle lit ceremony, it is so beautiful. The official day is December 13 every year, and I always watch the big performance in Sweden on svtplay (thank you internet and modern technology). This year, we (as in some Swedish ladies in Atlanta) performed three times: SWEA Christmas fair, Lucia performance in church, and SACC Lucia Gala. These ladies are all so sweet and talented and great. It is always fun hanging out with them every Monday for two months. I'll show more pictures from the gala later. It was a night filled with laughter, food, and dancing - perfect in other words. Thank you to SACC for having me and thank you Mia for always bringing the choir together and organizing + planning the programs. And thanks to Ingrid for playing the piano so beautifully. HUGS and CHEERS

Christmas in Ljunghusen, Sweden

Merry Christmas! Above are snaps from the 23rd and 24th. We put together two puzzles, walked to & on the beach, watched Kalle Anka + a movie, and most importantly spent quality time with each other and ate a lot. Cozy as can be <3

Miracle pop up bar


I absolutely love Christmas, and this bar was a true tacky Christmas miracle. Everything was wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and the entire place was covered in lights. It has been a crazy long line every day since they opened (I pass it on a dialy basis) but it was worth the wait. HUGS

Status update from Chicago O’Hare


Checking in from Chicago live at the moment. We made it safely here from Atlanta. Soon we board our plane to Copenhagen aka I’ll be in Malmö, Sweden in no time. Beyond excited to hug everyone. The past month has been somewhat crazy and hectic so I haven’t spent much time with mom and T but they are stuck with me now so I can finally talk their ears off ;) HUGS and CHEERS

Christmas Day 2016

Merry Christmas babes! Today I woke up at 1 (?!)... Probably a mix of jet-lag and coming home around 3 last night. We all went for a nice long walk in the park and had a very cozy and relaxing day. My uncle and his family came over for dinner at Bakas house. Ribs among other goodies were on the menu. Tomorrow is a busy day filled with fun things such as taking my cousins shopping <3

Christmas Eve 2016

Here comes pictures from today! In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th not the 25th. I haven't seen my cousins in years (they live in Switzerland) so I way beyond happy to get to hug them, they have gotten so big!! Anyway, we spent all day in their new summer home celebrating. Best Christmas in years <3

My pretty mom and the Christmas Tree!


My pretty Baka (grandmother in Croatian) <3

My cousins <3 So much love! Hedda and Max, and Snowy Vranjes, of course.

Baka and Mamma <3

Baka got me new slippers now that I am in Sweden and it is cold here, haha.

Donald Duck show always starts at three and ends at four. Here is my favorite segment, The Bull Ferdinand! Afterwards you always open presents.

We always have a puzzle every Christmas. Such fun entertainment. Everyone was so focused!


Cuties <3

Mys hos Pidde och Update

We are in Sweden! We arrived safely to Sweden with all of our luggage. We had dinner with Baka and Branko and then went grocery shopping (love love love grocery shopping back here at home). I then headed over to see Tove. We went shopping (hehe) and then decided to get food from Vapiano. We had a cozy day and ended it with the new hyped TV show SKAM, cuddles, and snacks. Now I am back at Baka's place and ready for bed. Kicked Branko out of his bed and made him sleep in the basement (poor thing, the basement is scary!). But I get to wake up next to Baka tomorrow, it is like being a kid again and I love it. HUGS