2 July 2017

How magical is this light? So dreamy. I'm also obsessed with my new jumpsuit. I feel like I am wearing pajamas. Jumpsuits are really starting to grow on me. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. HUGS

Mys hos Pidde och Update

We are in Sweden! We arrived safely to Sweden with all of our luggage. We had dinner with Baka and Branko and then went grocery shopping (love love love grocery shopping back here at home). I then headed over to see Tove. We went shopping (hehe) and then decided to get food from Vapiano. We had a cozy day and ended it with the new hyped TV show SKAM, cuddles, and snacks. Now I am back at Baka's place and ready for bed. Kicked Branko out of his bed and made him sleep in the basement (poor thing, the basement is scary!). But I get to wake up next to Baka tomorrow, it is like being a kid again and I love it. HUGS

Lucia Atlanta

Lucia in Atlanta this year, as pretty as always. Usually I am singing not listening and watching, but it was way better to be on the other side this year ;).  Due to school and work I couldn't participate this year. It was beautiful to listen to the incredible singing. HUGS

Kickin' it casual

Nike shoes here (adlink) / Banana Republic necklace / Gap Jeans/ Gap tank / Mango cardigan

Hello friends, how is everyone doing? Here is a casual and comfy outfit for you. I have been living in these sneakers since Mike got them for me. I used to be obsessed with shoes and now I seem to care about comfort. But I do think white crisp sneakers are great for most outfits, although Michael got them so I would workout in them, woups. They feel like wearing socks!! No annoying shoe tongue. Also, what is your take on white after labor day?