SACC Lucia Gala 2017

As many of you know, one of my all time favorite holidays is Lucia, and has been ever since I was little. I love the singing and the candle lit ceremony, it is so beautiful. The official day is December 13 every year, and I always watch the big performance in Sweden on svtplay (thank you internet and modern technology). This year, we (as in some Swedish ladies in Atlanta) performed three times: SWEA Christmas fair, Lucia performance in church, and SACC Lucia Gala. These ladies are all so sweet and talented and great. It is always fun hanging out with them every Monday for two months. I'll show more pictures from the gala later. It was a night filled with laughter, food, and dancing - perfect in other words. Thank you to SACC for having me and thank you Mia for always bringing the choir together and organizing + planning the programs. And thanks to Ingrid for playing the piano so beautifully. HUGS and CHEERS

Happy Lucia

Today is one of my favorite holidays of all time! There is just something so magical about Lucia. Here are pictures of me as Lucia and Tärna throughout the years. Some are from last year, but the rest are from 2008 and before, so quite some time ago. Now I need to eat some saffron buns, which are Lucia buns, and watch Swedish Lucia on SVT play. Below is a video explaining Lucia.  Happy Lucia everyone! HUGS

Lucia Atlanta

Lucia in Atlanta this year, as pretty as always. Usually I am singing not listening and watching, but it was way better to be on the other side this year ;).  Due to school and work I couldn't participate this year. It was beautiful to listen to the incredible singing. HUGS