Throwback to my first day in school in the US

I look so nervous in this picture, which is just what I was. Mom embarrassed me by forcing me to pose for a picture (happy she did today).

Olivija Vranjes 465.JPG

I was very into fashion back in eight grade only to find out everyone in eight grade in middle school in Raleigh, NC wore flare jeans, tshirts, sneakers, and had book-bags. I was tall and blonde and dressed very fashionably in comparison to the rest of the entire school. With a heavy accent. Let us just say I definately stood out, haha. 

Monday mood and Atlanta update

Stormy Mondays are for messy buns and caffeine. And lots of studying.

In case you are not from Atlanta and know how terrible of a traffic problem we have here, let me tell you, it is bad. Many people (including me) who live in Atlanta have had a certain belief that traffic just possibly could not get any worse. On Thursday we got proven wrong. There was a major fire that led to the collapse of interstate 85 (?!). Yes, you read it right, collapse and interstate was in the same sentence. Everyone living in metro Atlanta are having to find alternate routs to work, school, etc. Lets just say driving the past couple of days have been a mess. LUCKILY, no one got harmed during the fire and collapse of i85. It looks like something you would only see in a movie... I have driven past it twice now and I struggle to comprehend how something like this can even happen with such massive infrastructure.

Heavy heart

Hi guys. I am sorry for my absence. For starters, my computer charger broke, and therefore my computer has been dead. When you have a 15 inch Macbook Pro you cannot use a regular Macbook charger... A new one finally came in the mail today!

Secondly, I have not yet decided how much I would like to share on the blog with you guys. I want it to be a reflection of my life, and life is not always perfect. But, I still do not feel like it is fair to the people around me if I am private so I will try to keep a fine line with private and personal. It is just very difficult to know where to draw that line, so bear with me.

This weekend my family received horrifying news. Trying to cope and understand the situation is something I cannot even begin to describe. All of my family is currently in Europe together supporting each other while I had to stay put due to school. I also have a wedding to attend this weekend which feels so wrong with everything going on. I feel helpless and I cannot even imagine how everyone else feels. I just wish I could be with my family and support them right now.

I will try to blog as usual for you guys. Remember to tell your loved ones how much you love them, and hug them and extra time, time is precious <3