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Eight countries, seventeen cities, one year. I am so thankful to have traveled as much as I did last year. From spending time with my best friend, to traveling with my grandmother <3, to shopping and strolling through Denmark with my godmother, to spending Christmas with my family and my cousins, to going to a wedding, to going on a relaxing trip with my boyfriend, to spending my birthday with my favorite people, to having a girls trip with my mom, and everything there in between. I truly hope 2017 will be filled with as many fun trips and time spent with my loved ones. Thank you to everyone who made 2016 special <3

Mexico Day Six


On day six we were headed to Akumal. Beforegetting on the shuttle I decided to try this smoothie place. Talk about a hole in the wall. It was amazing. He just asked what fruits I wanted and started cutting them up! So fresh, and cheap...

I got this huge smoothie, it was delicious.

This is Akumal beach. It is known for its turtles. This beach was a typical tourist place and they tried to charge for everything and everything even though it is a public beach...


We were disappointed after the great things we had heard about it. We just took some pictures and walked on the beach a bit until we decided to go to Tulum.

We found this beach club in Tulum and stayed here for the day. One downside was that you had to pay for wifi. The food here was okay.

This view was amazing.

DSCF3400-1 copy.jpg

After a long day in the sun we made our way back to Playa Del Carmen.

This teeny tiny restaurant was right across from our hotel. Every day, no matter what time we passed it, the place was always crowded. So on our last night we decided to try it. They asked if we had reservations and we didn't, but we got very lucky. Everyone else that came after us without reservations got turned down.

The food was amazing. Cozy Italian restaurant with food that melted in your mouth. We asked the owner why we could not find this restaurant online or see any reviews. He told us they had been in business for five years, and did so well because of word of mouth. He wanted to stay off the internet because they are always at full capacity as is, and if people found it online they would not be able to have the same cozy feel, pretty neat.


Lets just say we slept very well after this meal.

Mexico Day Five

Post breakfast quick beach outfit picture.

We decided to head to Cozumel for the day. To get to Cozumel you need to take a ferry. There are several different companies and they all go often so you do not really need to plan what time you decide to head over.

Another photo of the view from the dock the ferry was departing from.


Once we got off the ferry we started walking. A lot of cruise ships stop at the port in Cozumel so there are a lot of statues to look at along the shore.


These "little" guys seemed to exist everywhere in Mexico. They are sneaky and hide.

The view as we were walking to our destination.

Okay, how pretty was this house?!

Mom kept stopping to take pictures of flowers everywhere, so naturally I had to show her I could take better ones ;)

We finally arrived at our location for the day after a lot of walking. We decided to enjoy a day at Hotel B Cozumel. Cozumel is known for their reef and snorkeling was on the schedule. A little different from the rest of our week which was fun. Although I have to say, when you are used to snorkeling in Croatia nothing really compares.


We were very hungry after our walk so we decided to have lunch before jumping in the water. I had fish tacos. I was very disappointed, but I guess that is what happens when you have the best fish tacos you have ever had in your entire life the days prior, nothing else just compared.

This infinity pool was amazing. It had chairs so you could "sit" in the water. So beautiful.


After a long day in Cozumel, we headed back to Cozumel downtown. There was nothing to see there so we headed to the ferry and headed back home to our hotel.

Mexico Day Four

Day four in Mexico! This day we stayed in Playa Del Carmen. After breakfast we ordered fresh pressed juices at a place called La Senda. They were out of pretty much all their drinks and service was awful. For being number 5 out of 831 restaurants in Playa on TripAdvisor I must say we were extremely disappointed. The juices were only decent and we tried ordering three different things but they were just out of a lot of ingredients. We then left for the beach and ended up at Coralina (I think that is how it is spelled?) beach club for the day. Very nice view and decent food. Kinda outdated music and service was annoying but the view made up for it. They had comfortable chairs as well which was great. After the beach day we tried Babe's Noodles and Bar, it is located in Playa Del Carmen and has Swedish owners. Why there was a Swedish flag across the street I am not sure of. As far as the food at Babe's goes, the appetizer was amazing. We ordered a salmon something that tasted just like Swedish summer (YUM). The main dish we ordered was a huge disappointment. It was Pad Thai and it tasted too strong of vinegar and nothing else. The drink was okay, looked great in pictures though! It was so huge you had to hurry up and drink half of it so it would not melt and spill. Environment was great so overall a good place. Another amazing day (we didn't have a bad day throughout our trip!!!!). HUGS

Mexico Day Three

Here comes day three! We started the day by having some down time (phone time) in the comfy sunbeds at the hotel after our breakfast. We walked along the beach at Playa Del Carmen until we found a place on the beach we liked. Then we had a typical beach day until lunch. We were both really hungry (the walking will do that to you). The place we had planned on going to took us forever to get to, and once we got there it was pretty empty. We decided to try a restaurant that had a bigger crowd. They had fantastic pizzas and salads. The pizzas tasted just like they do in Croatia (YUM). After lunch we headed back to the beach for a few more sun hours. It started raining for a few minutes but stopped fairly quickly thankfully. After making it back to the hotel and getting dressed we headed out for another stroll and some more food and shopping. Another great day in paradise. 

Mexico Day Two

Here comes day two in Mexico! My apologies for the photo overload. We started the day with our first hotel breakfast. Above expectations once again. Delicious breads and baked goods, yogurt, cereal, amazing coffee, and fresh pressed green juice was on the menu. The environment was so nice, cannot get enough of straw roofs and palm-trees. After breakfast we headed to take the collective. It is a bus/minivan shuttle ride that you can take cheap. Both tourists and locals use it, so they go very often. Off to Tulum we were and once again WOW. I was expecting one or two buildings but the ruins were endless. So much to look at! We wandered around and took a bunch of pictures. There was a tiny beach there but it was very crowded and there was nothing to do but to take a quick swim so we skipped that and started walking instead.  After walking a good bit we got to a gorgeous beach in Tulum and sat down at one of those double beach chairs/beds. We were hungry and ordered food and drinks and spent most of our day swimming and enjoying the beach there. I napped of course. Mom woke me up again (shocker,  I think she is trying to get back at me from all my years of energy as a kid when I never let her sleep on the beach, or ever). We had a fairly good bit to walk to get back to the main road where we could grab a collective back (it was about a 50 minute ride from Tulum to Playa Del Carmen and vice versa). Back at the hotel we got ready and attempted to shower off all the sand. We headed out to do some shopping and walk around.  Around ten (people eat late here) we went back to the place we ate the first day. I had fish tacos again and mango margarita (still the best I ever had!!!!). After my dinner I ate three pancakes and vanilla ice cream,  guess if I was happy?! The waiters said see you tomorrow when we left, haha. Great second day in Mexico. HUGS

Mexico Day One

Happy Monday babes! I am officially back on US soil and it is way colder than I expected. I thought it was spring time? My car is green from all the pollen and the trees are blossoming so it looks so lovely outside. I am super excited, I love when the world turns green again! One thing I have not missed is Atlanta traffic. Driving down to school today was not fun, but thankfully I made it safely. I decided to split up the pictures from my trip by day. I already wrote about day one (you can read about it here) but here comes the pictures. HUGS