Coffee hour

Hi friends. I have been looking forward to today for over a month, it is my first Sunday off during two years that I have not requested off (for my travels, etc.). Wihoooooo! Unfortunately, I woke up feeling terrible with a throat on fire and very runny nose. At least I have been able to relax, clean, and hangout on the couch all day. The best part of all, I have been able to spend time with mom <3

I am back!

Carrot salad with pumpkin seeds and feta cheese + vegetable soup

Hi friends, I sincerely apologize for my absence. Long story short, I had three exams last week on top of case studies, group projects, research papers, and so on, due. On Sunday my throat started hurting and on Monday I woke up feeling like a zombie and had a sore throat and fever. Anyways, I feel back to normal again (thankfully!) so I am back to blogging every day like you guys are used to. Have a great hump day babes, HUGS.