Delicious lunch

One of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta finally opened at Avalon. They had beyond terrible service; it was just awfully disappointing. The food on the other hand, was just as good as ever. Hopefully they get their service issue sorted out soon, because the food and the environment is so nice. HUGS

Rumi's Kitchen and bridesmaids dress shopping

What a great day we have had! After classes I met up with Lori and Liz and little Charlotte to try on bridesmaids dresses! The perk of being the only bridesmaid in Atlanta is that I got to try everything on! So fun. We found a really beautiful one that Liz and all the bridesmaids love. So exciting!! I am so happy that Liz has excellent taste so we will be in pretty dresses. Afterwards we headed to Rumi's Kitchen for dinner. It is delicious Persian cuisine. Charlotte is too adorable, she was so good the whole dinner. She even got compliments from the table next to us because she is such a sweet and calm little princess <3