Holiday Starbucks lovin'

Last night I had terrible stomach aches and I thought I would be able to sleep it off. Instead, I got no sleep at all. Today I had to drag myself to school which was beyond torture. Once I got home I took NyQuil and slept until my mom woke me up about four hours later. I still feel awful and I have a fever as well. Sorry for a downer post but today is not a good day. I have finals next week so I can not afford to be sick right now...

Magnum Milano

I absolutely love ice cream. I think my huge smile in these pictures are enough proof of how happy I was walking in to the Magnum store in Milan. YUM YUM YUM AND YUM. They let you pick what chocolate you want your ice cream dipped in, what ice cream you want, and your toppings! When is this coming to Atlanta??