Winter wonderland + Stockholm

When I opened IG this morning all I saw was snow stories. Once I realized everyone who was posting was in Malmo, I flew out of bed and pulled the curtains away. Winter wonderland had arrived! Just like that, a day before Christmas ❄️ 


Prepared myself for the cold and snow ☃️ 


How beautiful? The sun even peeked through a little!! First sign of it since I’ve arrived in Sweden 🌥


Baka ❤️ 


Off to the train station we went  🚉 


Hello Stockholm 🥰


Baka and Branko in their room. Thank you to Amaranten for upgrading the rest of us 🙏🏻 Such a sweet Christmas gift 🎁 Bathroom floors are heated so I am happy as can be ☺️ 


Let the Christmas festivities begin 🥳 


And so the adventure begins...

...officially left Atlanta for Malmö. Feels unreal? I keep thinking I’m just going to be here for the holidays. 

Started my Monday with errands + Chick Fil A breakfast (priorities am I right 😏). Got to enjoy beautiful 16 degree celsius weather and clear blue skies for a couple of hours with this handsome fella before I left.


Lori came over for a final “see you later” hug too! Plenty of selfies were taken.


Mike always refuses to be in pictures but when two moms are around he gets forced to deal with it 👏🏻


Off to the airport we went  🥳


Love this city so so so much. However, I will not miss rush hour traffic 24/7 😅 


What’s the airport without mirror bathroom selfies? 


Had to eat an American meal before takeoff 🙈 


Forgot/left some things at the airport (was rearranging things in my bag and took some stuff out meanwhile, and accidentally left it). This is very unusual for me, as the last time I lost something at the airport was when I was about 9 or 10 flying back from France and left my new coloring pens in the seat in front of me. Luckily, it wasn’t my passport or wallet this time either so I’ll take it as a win.


Touchdown Chicago 🛬 


In Chicago, I had to re-check in & get through security one more time. 


That’s where I met this lady! Her daughter was dropping her off and she had never flewn alone before. Truly believe it was the universe telling me something. She is an incredible artist, what are the odds? Check her work out here!


On my long flight, I got upgraded to economy plus. What a blessing. Thanks times a million to SAS!! Extra legroom, wider seats, thicker blankets, bigger screens, goodie bag, real silverware, etc. No complaints over here! 


Pro tip I learned from mom: put your freezing butter on the hot meal for a little and it’ll be perfect ☺️ 


What a view, WOW. 


Went straight from the airport to Baka and Branko’s boulle end of year party. Brought down the average age pretty good 😅 We sang, ate, and played games 🎄 Had time for some errands after before getting some rest. Great start to this new adventure.  


Nashville Weekend

Got to Nashville yesterday for a rock concert. Bullet for my Valentine and Breaking Benjamin opened, followed by the main band and also Mike’s favorite band: Avenged Sevenfold. Really great concert! Bridgestone arena was sold out and packed! 


We were there veeery early ;) 


We are staying at Sheraton Grand in Nashville. Nice hotel but service has been bad, more on that later.


Looking up from the lobby at the hotel 😍🙈✨


Killebrew coffee ☕️ So cozy and so delicious 😋


Of course I had to get a basic tourist picture with the wings! 


It has been colder in the south than it was in Sweden. Good thing I prepared with heavy winter clothes before Sweden so I’ve had enough to wear now that it’s freezing here.


Our brunch spot, you have to come here. Literally amazing and so inexpensive. 


How cozy?! 


OJ and ginger tumeric tea to heat back up!


We asked our waitress about serving sizes and she said they were fairly small. We laughed when all our food came out as we both ordered to dishes each and portions were not so small 😂 (Mike’s other dish had not come out in this pic).


I got fruit, biscuit with avocado, chipotle sauce, egg, hot sauce marmalade (I believe), and pickled red onions. My other dish was home fries with prosciutto and fig toast (had goat cheese, arugula, gorgonzola cheese I think, and olives). YUM


Mike wondering how we would eat it all 🙈


My handsome fiancé ❤️

Christmas in Ljunghusen, Sweden

Merry Christmas! Above are snaps from the 23rd and 24th. We put together two puzzles, walked to & on the beach, watched Kalle Anka + a movie, and most importantly spent quality time with each other and ate a lot. Cozy as can be <3

New Belgium Brewery

How cool is this place? I am not a fan of beer, but I had so much fun on this tour. They are free, about an hour and a half, and they let you sample different beers (yes, this too for free!). I knew nothing about how beer was made before this tour, or anything about the company, but the tour was so much fun and engaging. Seems like New Belgium have a great company culture too which is always exciting to see. If you are in Asheville, I highly recommend stopping by at this brewery. HUGS

Local Asheville Art

Grace took me to this cool place in Asheville. Some of the work is done by local artists around the area. So fascinating how someone can paint such huge and detailed images when everything looks like a blur close up, yet incredible from afar. HUGS

Food + Grace = Perfect day

Dreaming back to King Daddy's Asheville. What a great breakfast/brunch spot. Delicious drinks and mouth watering food. Wouldn't mind spending my Sunday here for brunch! Especially missing the sunshine Grace, she always knows how to put a smile on my face and make me laugh. We have been friends for nine years now, time truly flies. HUGS

Beacon Tavern Chicago

You can never go wrong with a good brunch! This place was so great; cozy environment, delicious food, and such a friendly staff. If you are ever in Chicago, you do not want to miss this place! HUGS

Hotel mornings

Hotel mornings <3

We had such a nice stay at The James Chicago. The room was spacious with a great view. The bathroom was modern. Everything was clean and fresh. They also had a tablet where you could order food, towels, water, etc. So convenient. The staff was so friendly! I very much recommend this place. HUGS