Atlanta to Chicago

What an incredible weekend trip we had! I am so happy, but it is not as fun being back in reality this week with exams and essays.

We flew with American Airlines, which I have not done in years. On the way to Chicago, I was super impressed as the airplane was new and the movies were free! On the way home we got an old plane without screens so it was not as fun.

I'll be posting more pictures and tips from Chicago during the week so be on the look out. HUGS

Technical Difficulties

Hi babes. I am having a lot of technical difficulties. If you know me, you also know that I am extremely impatient. I have been trying to get Lightroom back to working properly and getting my pictures transferred and backed up from the trip but everything is acting funny. I found this picture from Croatia years back that I just love. Just look at that gorgeous view. HUGS