This is one of my favorite go to outfits this summer. If I am in a rush or have no inspiration, this is the perfect outfit. So simple yet pretty and elegant. Today I take my overall exit exam for the Robinson College of Business. Getting so close to graduating now! YAY

Happy and inspired

Today has been such an amazing day, just like my entire week has. My heart is so full after my trip to Asheville. Grace is one of my favorite people. It is so nice and energizing to be around incredible passionate and inspirational people. Happy and lucky to have her in my life. Nine years of friendship now (my first American best friend <3).

Current mood

Better pictures of my everyday rose gold necklaces, as promised! How do you like it?

Hi loves! How is everyone? I know I have been a little bad about creating new content for you guys but that is about to change! I am finally getting in routine for the semester. Yesterday I did something super exciting that I have been wanting to do for a long time now, I purchased a new camera lens. I tried it out with the pictures above and wow, what a difference. People are so right when they say that the camera is not even nearly as important as the lens is. Rookie mistake on my part though, I did not realize you are supposed to use a little cover thingy for shooting back light, there of the glare. But now I know what it is for. HUGS


I have been waiting and waiting to finally get to wear this dress. Don't mind my shoes and purse, it was the only thing I could walk around in Charleston all day without my feet bleeding. I have a slight glitter obsession. Sequins, and everything else that sparkles or shines makes me so happy. What better day to sparkle on than your birthday? HUGS