Delicious lunch

One of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta finally opened at Avalon. They had beyond terrible service; it was just awfully disappointing. The food on the other hand, was just as good as ever. Hopefully they get their service issue sorted out soon, because the food and the environment is so nice. HUGS

Delicious pasta with arugula

Tip of the day: If you want to look healthy eating a pasta just throw some arugula on it (you are welcome). All jokes aside, I love arugula. I love it on pizza, pasta, sandwiches, with salmon, in salads, you name it. It will make anything feel fresh and taste even better.

Follow along on a Friday through my phone

Started my morning today with a run/walk around the neighborhood. What a pretty morning! I love spring. I know majority of Atlanta's population is dealing with pollen allergies, but I have been lucky enough to not have been affected by it (knocking on wood as we speak!), other than my car turning green but I will take that over allergies any day! 

Just look at what a gorgeous day out!

After my shower, I made my quick go to breakfast, cereal with kefir, avocado, and chocolate milk (yes I love chocolate milk, just like any other kid, hehe).

Some pre nine hour workday selfies.

I bring lunch to work 99% of the time, but today I decided to enjoy lunch at Whole Foods. YUM. Do you guys like my napkin table cloth? Haha.

A day in the life Olivia Vranjes 31 March 2017 105.jpg

Exhausted after a busy day at work preparing for inventory, I made some ginger green tea, and put out some FriYAY treats.

We rented two movies so time to relax for the day and have a cozy evening <3

Ps. I would love to hear your thoughts about more relaxed posts like these. Do you guys like them?

Sweet Green Chicago

On our first day in Chicago, we had lunch at Sweet Green and oh my. This place was like stepping into lunch heaven. You could either order from a set menu, or you could create your own salad by picking your type of greens and toppings. I picked my own which consisted of: arugula and spinach, warm chick peas, tomato, feta cheese, avocado, chicken, and pesto vinaigrette. They toss it for you and voila! So quick, so fresh, and so delicious. The juices were also fresh and yummy. The atmosphere of this place was great. I highly recommend this place. Can this come to Atlanta ASAP?!

I am back!

Carrot salad with pumpkin seeds and feta cheese + vegetable soup

Hi friends, I sincerely apologize for my absence. Long story short, I had three exams last week on top of case studies, group projects, research papers, and so on, due. On Sunday my throat started hurting and on Monday I woke up feeling like a zombie and had a sore throat and fever. Anyways, I feel back to normal again (thankfully!) so I am back to blogging every day like you guys are used to. Have a great hump day babes, HUGS.

Swedish Meatballs at Tures Stockholm

This is a very traditional Swedish dish and also one of my absolute favorites. So simple, yet so good. Meatballs, gravy, mashed potato, lingonberries, and pickled cucumber, YUM!