Hey pretty people! My apologies for my silence. I cannot promise I will be back on a regular daily basis, but I am back, and will try to post regularly.

What has happened since I last posted? I went from being a student to a college graduate, officially moved in with my now fiance (!!), went on vacation, got engaged, and started working full time. In other words, life has been all over the place with many big changes. I have needed time to enjoy life and process everything going on at the moment.

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Tomorrow I fly to Sweden to spend Christmas with family and friends. I work until 2-3ish until I leave for the airport. Sadly my fiance cannot come due to work, but I am excited to see my loved ones over there.

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How are you all doing?


Lack of creativity

First things first, let me update you guys on my workout progress. I have worked out three days in a row now (wihooooo!!). Tuesday I went to Flywheel for a cycle class as you guys know. Wednesday after a long day, I was debating whether to work out or not. I finally kicked myself in the butt, and put my workout clothes on. I used NTC which is Nike's own workout app. It is free and awesome. After my first workout I was soaked in sweat, and tired, but guess what? I did another workout that was double the length! Today I went to yet another Flywheel class. Three days in a row might not seem like a lot but it is a big first step for me, so I am very proud of myself.

Today after studying and writing essays I decided to take a break so I could finally take some pictures and update you guys. I do not know what is going on but my creativity is all gone. I do not know what to take pictures of, how to take them, or what to blog about. I am not sure why my creativity is so low at the moment. Maybe because next week is finals week and I have been swimming in schoolwork and studying? Who knows, but hopefully I will get my creativity back soon.

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What do you guys like to see? Read about? Is there any specific type of posts you guys prefer? Any feedback would be appreciated. Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions. It would make me so happy!

Time to get back to all of my school work. I want to make sure I do well on my finals and finish writing my last chunk of essays.

Self Portrait x 10 and working out.

This post is very personal so please be kind.

I started my day with a workout at Flywheel. It is a cycle studio where they shut off all the lights (except for the ones on the instructor) so the studio is dark. They also measure everything and log it on your profile so you can see it on their app or on your profile online. They have really high music and the workout is intense. It is kind of expensive but Mike was a sweetheart and surprised me with ten classes.

I have been trying to get back into a regular workout routine for quite some time now and it is NOT easy. I workout a couple of times, then I don't again, then I do workout one week, and then I stop, etc. It has been so difficult for me to get back into a steady rhythm. I used to love going to the gym and getting my workout in. It made me feel energized, confident, happy, and empowered. Now, not so much. Now I feel blah about working out. However, I always feel amazing after. I strongly dislike working out alone now that I am so out of shape. I need someone to workout with me or I need to go to a class and have someone telling me what to do. It is easier that way. I feel as if I have lost my discipline and ability to push myself.

I miss being in a good rhythm and routine because I always eat better, and I have more energy throughout my days.  Another thing is, I have been gaining a lot of weight without realizing it. I don't necessarily look like I have gained any weight which is why I have not noticed it. Lately though, A LOT of my clothing does not fit like it supposed to. Not to mention my blazers, suit pants, and jeans. When buying new jeans I have just thought "maybe these run small" although I have just gained weight and needed a bigger size...

My latest wake up call was when my boots from last year would only zip half way up. I was speechless. This happened right before Thanksgiving dinner as I was running out the door. I obviously changed boots but did so confused and sadly. Hopefully these classes will help me get back into somewhat of a rhythm. Once you book a class after 5pm you cannot change your mind without penalty so that is a good incentive. Time to look forward and stop saying "I will start soon" and instead JUST DO IT. Also, now that I have opened up to you guys about this, feel free to remind me how happy I am when I workout. What do you guys do to stay motivated? What workouts do you guys like? Hit me!