Sweet Green Chicago

On our first day in Chicago, we had lunch at Sweet Green and oh my. This place was like stepping into lunch heaven. You could either order from a set menu, or you could create your own salad by picking your type of greens and toppings. I picked my own which consisted of: arugula and spinach, warm chick peas, tomato, feta cheese, avocado, chicken, and pesto vinaigrette. They toss it for you and voila! So quick, so fresh, and so delicious. The juices were also fresh and yummy. The atmosphere of this place was great. I highly recommend this place. Can this come to Atlanta ASAP?!

Good Food Zagreb

How pretty is my best friend? I miss her so much every day. I wish we lived closer but I am lucky to have her so I should not complain! Technology these days is so advanced which has helped tremendously. We found this food place in Zagreb and ate here twice (two days in a row) just because it was SO yummy. Healthy, fresh, and fast. It was also incredibly cheap so that was a huge plus. Hope everyone has had a good hump day. HUGS

Rabbit food.

I used to hate salads. I have always viewed it as rabbit food. My best friend loves fresh salads and I am starting to understand why. The salads we have been eating in Sweden have been amazing. YUM. Where do they have fresh salad bars where in Atlanta?? Does anyone know?? If you have any tips or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. HUGS