Winter wonderland + Stockholm

When I opened IG this morning all I saw was snow stories. Once I realized everyone who was posting was in Malmo, I flew out of bed and pulled the curtains away. Winter wonderland had arrived! Just like that, a day before Christmas ❄️ 


Prepared myself for the cold and snow ☃️ 


How beautiful? The sun even peeked through a little!! First sign of it since I’ve arrived in Sweden 🌥


Baka ❤️ 


Off to the train station we went  🚉 


Hello Stockholm 🥰


Baka and Branko in their room. Thank you to Amaranten for upgrading the rest of us 🙏🏻 Such a sweet Christmas gift 🎁 Bathroom floors are heated so I am happy as can be ☺️ 


Let the Christmas festivities begin 🥳 


Christmas in Ljunghusen, Sweden

Merry Christmas! Above are snaps from the 23rd and 24th. We put together two puzzles, walked to & on the beach, watched Kalle Anka + a movie, and most importantly spent quality time with each other and ate a lot. Cozy as can be <3

New Belgium Brewery

How cool is this place? I am not a fan of beer, but I had so much fun on this tour. They are free, about an hour and a half, and they let you sample different beers (yes, this too for free!). I knew nothing about how beer was made before this tour, or anything about the company, but the tour was so much fun and engaging. Seems like New Belgium have a great company culture too which is always exciting to see. If you are in Asheville, I highly recommend stopping by at this brewery. HUGS

Local Asheville Art

Grace took me to this cool place in Asheville. Some of the work is done by local artists around the area. So fascinating how someone can paint such huge and detailed images when everything looks like a blur close up, yet incredible from afar. HUGS

Beacon Tavern Chicago

You can never go wrong with a good brunch! This place was so great; cozy environment, delicious food, and such a friendly staff. If you are ever in Chicago, you do not want to miss this place! HUGS

Hotel mornings

Hotel mornings <3

We had such a nice stay at The James Chicago. The room was spacious with a great view. The bathroom was modern. Everything was clean and fresh. They also had a tablet where you could order food, towels, water, etc. So convenient. The staff was so friendly! I very much recommend this place. HUGS

Chicago summary

Chicago is one of my all time favorite cities. It has great shopping, amazing food, incredible views, and so much more. I have only been in the spring / summer time before and I definitely recommend going then. This trip was nothing short of wonderful, but Chicago has more to offer during the summer. During warmer days, there are tons of free concerts and events going on around the city. Navy Pier and all the parks are more fun. The restaurants and cafes also have their outdoor seating open during the spring and summer. Lastly, you can go on an awesome boat tour along the river to see the beautiful skyline.

So what did we do in Chicago? We ate, we shopped, and we walked around and explored the city. What more can you ask for?

Thursday night: Room service and sleep

Friday: Shopping, lunch, sightseeing, shopping, dinner, drinks

Saturday: Breakfast, sightseeing, lunch, sightseeing, shopping, dinner, drinks

Sunday: Breakfast, sightseeing, lunch, airport

Sweet Green Chicago

On our first day in Chicago, we had lunch at Sweet Green and oh my. This place was like stepping into lunch heaven. You could either order from a set menu, or you could create your own salad by picking your type of greens and toppings. I picked my own which consisted of: arugula and spinach, warm chick peas, tomato, feta cheese, avocado, chicken, and pesto vinaigrette. They toss it for you and voila! So quick, so fresh, and so delicious. The juices were also fresh and yummy. The atmosphere of this place was great. I highly recommend this place. Can this come to Atlanta ASAP?!

Selfie overload

I really wish I was back at The James Chicago, what a wonderful stay we had. The location was perfect, we were in the heart of Chicago. The staff at the hotel were so kind and helpful with everything from restaurant recommendations to sightseeing options. I have nothing but good things to say about this place! HUGS