Good Morning Sunshine

I have a slight obsession with mugs and I am very picky. The bigger the mug, the better, hehe.

Anyways, to something more serious... Lately I have been feeling very uninspired as I am sure many of you know. I do not why, and it is that uncertainty that makes it so frustrating. It might be the time of the year it is, February. Maybe it is due to the fact that I am currently in the hardest semester of my college career. It might be the fact that I do not know when I will be able to travel again soon other than a weekend I have booked in March. Maybe it is the constant change of weather (we have sunshine and 75 degrees one day and the next day it is freezing and then all of a sudden it is rainy). It might be the fact that working weekends and studying is taking a toll on me when everyone else is hanging out and having fun. Who knows what it is but I need to find a way to snap out of it soon.

If you guys have tips about what you like to read about, or what you want to see more of, please let me know. Anything and everything is appreciated. HUGS


This is how most of my days look, spent behind the computer but in different environments. I have been studying so much lately as I have two exams this week and had a quiz today and have one tomorrow, not fun. Today when I got to my first class there was a note on the door saying class cancelled which drove me crazy. I have never had a professor who doesn't email the students if a class has had to be cancelled. I thought that was extremely rude of him. Internet is not working at the school as it should be so I have been running around everywhere in between my classes trying to find internet (?!). Let's just say I would have rather stayed at home for an extra hour getting stuff done since class was cancelled instead of trying to find internet at this university. I need internet to study as I take notes in google docs and have ebooks mostly as they are typically $200 cheaper than hard copy books. My apologizes for a post that is very naggy and negative but today has been a bit of a struggle.

Status update and snapshots from today

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? I am back in Atlanta alive and well. Jet-lag has been working to my advantage as I have been going to bed early and waking up at a reasonable hour (if I get ten hours to sleep I gladly use them, hehe). 

I started school again Monday. So far I am really liking my professors and classes. They are very passionate and most of them have been in the work force and not just always taught. I am happy that I am liking classes so far but wish all of college had been filled with interesting classes rather than pointless ones that were a waste of both time and money. Oh well, nothing to do about that. Glad I actually get to enjoy a semester!

Got my nails done, goodbye tacky Christmas red (although my toes are still red, woups). This lilac color was supposed to have been more grey but I still like it. I get SNS done on top of my own nails!

I have also managed to workout since I got back which I am thrilled about. Today I made a super healthy soup, which is what I am currently eating, with zucchini, broccoli, water, onion, milk, salt, pepper, and bouillon cubes. It tastes delicious so thank you Emma <3  

I wore my leather jacket today with a scarf and it was way too hot. Atlanta weather is so confusing but I do not mind the rising temperatures one bit! All of these photos are taken with my phone, hope you guys enjoy a little different kind of post. Happy humpday babes, HUGS.

Self Portrait x 10 and working out.

This post is very personal so please be kind.

I started my day with a workout at Flywheel. It is a cycle studio where they shut off all the lights (except for the ones on the instructor) so the studio is dark. They also measure everything and log it on your profile so you can see it on their app or on your profile online. They have really high music and the workout is intense. It is kind of expensive but Mike was a sweetheart and surprised me with ten classes.

I have been trying to get back into a regular workout routine for quite some time now and it is NOT easy. I workout a couple of times, then I don't again, then I do workout one week, and then I stop, etc. It has been so difficult for me to get back into a steady rhythm. I used to love going to the gym and getting my workout in. It made me feel energized, confident, happy, and empowered. Now, not so much. Now I feel blah about working out. However, I always feel amazing after. I strongly dislike working out alone now that I am so out of shape. I need someone to workout with me or I need to go to a class and have someone telling me what to do. It is easier that way. I feel as if I have lost my discipline and ability to push myself.

I miss being in a good rhythm and routine because I always eat better, and I have more energy throughout my days.  Another thing is, I have been gaining a lot of weight without realizing it. I don't necessarily look like I have gained any weight which is why I have not noticed it. Lately though, A LOT of my clothing does not fit like it supposed to. Not to mention my blazers, suit pants, and jeans. When buying new jeans I have just thought "maybe these run small" although I have just gained weight and needed a bigger size...

My latest wake up call was when my boots from last year would only zip half way up. I was speechless. This happened right before Thanksgiving dinner as I was running out the door. I obviously changed boots but did so confused and sadly. Hopefully these classes will help me get back into somewhat of a rhythm. Once you book a class after 5pm you cannot change your mind without penalty so that is a good incentive. Time to look forward and stop saying "I will start soon" and instead JUST DO IT. Also, now that I have opened up to you guys about this, feel free to remind me how happy I am when I workout. What do you guys do to stay motivated? What workouts do you guys like? Hit me!